If you include information that was obtained from MEROPS in your published work, please give us the fair credit with a citation. This should be a recently article in which the MEROPS team describe the database:

Rawlings, N.D., Waller, M., Barrett, A.J. & Bateman, A. (2014) MEROPS: the database of proteolytic enzymes, their substrates and inhibitors. Nucleic Acids Res 42, D503-D509 PubMed

It will also be helpful to your readers if you cite a URL that they can browse to find out exactly what MEROPS said. The top-level URL ( may not be sufficient to allow someone to check a specific fact, so you could give the URL of the particular page of the database. You can find this by placing your mouse cursor over the link 'Add this page to your favorites!' which appears at the foot of the page. This will cause the full location of the page or frame to appear in the status window at the bottom of the screen. Finally, since the content of a database can change overnight, it is best to quote the date on which you saw the information in MEROPS.

Thank you for giving MEROPS the due credit. That will help us to keep working, so as to continue to provide all the information we can about peptidases and their inhibitors.