What's in MEROPS?

MEROPS contains information about more than 4000 peptidases and nearly 700 inhibitors. As can be seen on the menu to the left, an index of the peptidases by Name leads to a Summary page for each one that provides information on the classification and nomenclature of the peptidase and links to the databases for human genetics, sequences and structures. Additional indexes provide access to the peptidases by MEROPS Identifier or by Organism name so that the user can retrieve all known peptidases from a particular species.

As is described elsewhere, the peptidases and their inhibitors are classified into families and clans, and MEROPS provides a summary page for each individual family and clan also. Many of these contain textual annotation written by the MEROPS team.

There is also a set of supplementary pages. These are:

Please note that the Inhibitors side of MEROPS contains inhibitor-oriented versions of several of these pages.