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Summary for family C84

Family type peptidaseC84.001 - prtH peptidase (Tannerella forsythensis ATCC 43037) (Tannerella forsythia), MEROPS Accession MER0004363 (peptidase unit: 1-422)
Content of familyFamily C84 contains putative endopeptidases.
History Identifier created: MEROPS 8.00A (14 February 2008)
The prtH peptidase of Tannerella forsythythus (formerly Bacteroides forsythus) was discovered by Saito et al. (1997)), and has been studied for possible association with periodontitis.
Catalytic typeCysteine
Activities and specificitiesprtH hydrolyses Bz-Val-Gly-Arg-p-nitroanilide (Saito et al., 1997).
InhibitorsInhibited by TLCK, leupeptin, N-ethylmaleimide, iodoacetate, iodoacetamide and EDTA (Saito et al., 1997).
Molecular structure
Distribution of family Bacteria details  
Archaea -  
Protozoa -  
Fungi -  
Plants -  
Animals -  
Viruses -  
Biological functions
Statistics for family C84Sequences:13
Identifiers with PDB entries:0
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Peptidases and Homologues MEROPS ID Structure
prtH peptidase (Tannerella forsythensis ATCC 43037)C84.001-
family C84 unassigned peptidasesunassigned-