Index of MEROPS Identifiers

Aspartic, Cysteine, Glutamic, Metallo, Asparagine, Mixed, Serine, Threonine, Unknown or Compound Peptidase

N01.001 nodavirus peptide lyase 2
N02.001 tetravirus coat protein 1
N04.001 Tsh-associated self-cleaving domain (Escherichia coli) and similar 1
N04.002 EspP gamma protein autotransporter domain (Escherichi-type) 0
N05.001 picobirnavirus self-cleaving protein 0
N06.001 YscU protein 1
N06.002 SpaS protein (Salmonella sp.) 0
N06.003 EscU protein (Escherichia coli) 1
N06.004 HrcU protein (Xanthomonas sp.) 1
N06.A01 FlhB protein (Escherichia coli) 0
N07.001 reovirus type 1 coat protein 1
N07.002 aquareovirus coat protein 0
N08.001 poliovirus capsid VP0-type self-cleaving protein 38
N09.001 intein-containing V-type proton ATPase catalytic subunit A 45
N10.001 intein-containing DNA gyrase subunit A precursor 0
N10.002 intein-containing replicative DNA helicase precursor 158
N10.003 intein-containing DNA polymerase III subunit alpha precursor 2
N10.004 intein-containing translation initiation factor IF-2 precursor 51
N10.005 intein-containing DNA polymerase II large subunit DP2 precursor Mername-AA281 26
N10.006 intein-containing DNA polymerase II large subunit DP2 precursor Mername-AA282 18
N10.007 intein-containing DNA-dependent DNA polymerase precursor 2
N10.008 intein-containing DNA gyrase subunit A (Mycobacterium xenopi) 0
N10.009 Mtu recA intein (Mycobacterium sp.) 0
N11.001 intein-containing chloroplast ATP-dependent peptide lyase 2