Summary for peptidase A01.046: napsin A

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MEROPS Namenapsin A
Other namesAsp4 protease, dap1, dap2, decidual aspartyl protease, kidney aspartic protease (Mus musculus), Mername-AA043 peptidase, TA02 protein
Domain architecture
MEROPS Classification
Classification Clan AA >> Subclan (none) >> Family A1 >> Subfamily A >> A01.046
Holotypenapsin A (Homo sapiens), Uniprot accession O96009 (peptidase unit: 65-394), MERNUM MER0004981
History Identifier created: MEROPS 3.21 (12 May 1999)
Catalytic typeAspartic
PeplistIncluded in the Peplist with identifier PL00024
NC-IUBMBNot yet included in IUBMB recommendations.
PhysiologyAbundantly expressed in normal human lung and kidney tissue, and particularly highly expressed in lung adenocarcinomas (Chuman et al., 1999; Hirano et al., 2000).
Pharmaceutical relevanceNapsin A has been described as a useful marker for diagnosis of primary lung adenocarcinoma (Ueno et al., 2003).
Pathways KEGGLysosome
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Human genetics
Gene symbol Locus Megabases Ensembl Entrez gene Gene Cards OMIM
NAPSA 19q13.33 ENSG00000131400 9476 NAPSA 605631
Mouse genetics
Gene symbol Position Megabases Ensembl Entrez gene MGI
Kdap 7:B2 ENSMUSG00000002204 16541 MGI:109365