Summary for peptidase C53.001: pestivirus Npro peptidase

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MEROPS Namepestivirus Npro peptidase
Other namesautoprotease p20, autoprotease p23, border disease virus (BDV) Npro endopeptidase, bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) Npro endopeptidase, classical swine fever virus (CSFV) Npro endopeptidase, hog cholera virus Npro endopeptidase, N-terminal protease, pestivirus leader protease
Domain architecture
MEROPS Classification
Classification Clan CQ >> Subclan (none) >> Family C53 >> Subfamily (none) >> C53.001
Holotypepestivirus Npro peptidase (classical swine fever virus), Uniprot accession P19712 (peptidase unit: 1-168), MERNUM MER0002219
History Identifier created: MEROPS 5.3 (4 December 2000)
Catalytic typeCysteine
NC-IUBMBNot yet included in IUBMB recommendations.
Proteolytic eventsCutDB database (1 cleavage)
PhysiologyPestiviruses are the only members of the Flaviviridae that encode a nonstructural protease at the N terminus of their polyproteins. This N-terminal protease (Npro) cleaves itself from the nascent polyprotein autocatalytically and thereby generates the N terminus of the adjacent viral capsid protein C (Rumenapf et al., 1998).