Summary for peptidase M10.062: psychrophilic alkaline metallopeptidase (Pseudomonas sp.)

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MEROPS Namepsychrophilic alkaline metallopeptidase (Pseudomonas sp.)
Other namespsychrophilic alkaline metalloprotease (Pseudomonas sp.)
Domain architecture
MEROPS Classification
Classification Clan MA >> Subclan MA(M) >> Family M10 >> Subfamily B >> M10.062
Holotypepsychrophilic alkaline metallopeptidase (Pseudomonas sp.) (Pseudomonas sp. TAC II 18) (peptidase unit: 70-237), MERNUM MER0005068
History Identifier created: MEROPS 6.4 (24 September 2003)
Catalytic typeMetallo
PeplistIncluded in the Peplist with identifier PL00437
NC-IUBMBNot yet included in IUBMB recommendations.