Summary for peptidase T02.001: glycosylasparaginase precursor

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MEROPS Nameglycosylasparaginase precursor
Other namesaspartylglucosaminidase precursor, glycoasparaginase precursor
Domain architecture
MEROPS Classification
Classification Clan PB >> Subclan PB(T) >> Family T2 >> Subfamily (none) >> T02.001
Holotypeglycosylasparaginase precursor (Homo sapiens), Uniprot accession P20933 (peptidase unit: 206-346), MERNUM MER0003299
History Identifier created: MEROPS 3.4 (5 November 1999)
Catalytic typeThreonine
NC-IUBMBNot yet included in IUBMB recommendations.
Activity statushuman: active (Aronson, 2004)
mouse: active (Kaartinen et al., 1998)
KnockoutA deficiency of glycosylasparaginase results in the human genetic disorder known as aspartylglycosaminuria (Oinonen et al., 1995). Mice with targeted disruption of the glycosylasparaginase gene may form a model for the human disease (Kaartinen et al., 1998).
Pathways KEGGOther glycan degradation
Other databases TREEFAM
Human genetics
Gene symbol Locus Megabases Ensembl Entrez gene Gene Cards OMIM
AGA 4q23-q27 ENSG00000038002 175 AGA 208400
Mouse genetics
Gene symbol Position Megabases Ensembl Entrez gene MGI
Aga 8:B3 ENSMUSG00000031521 11593 MGI:104873