Summary for peptidase T05.001: ornithine acetyltransferase precursor

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MEROPS Nameornithine acetyltransferase precursor
Other namesArgJ g.p. (bacteria, fungi)
Domain architecture
MEROPS Classification
Classification Clan PE >> Subclan (none) >> Family T5 >> Subfamily (none) >> T05.001
Holotypeornithine acetyltransferase precursor (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Uniprot accession Q04728 (peptidase unit: 215-441), MERNUM MER0011829
History Identifier created: MEROPS 6.4 (24 September 2003)
Catalytic typeThreonine
NC-IUBMBSubclass 3.4 (Peptidases) >> Sub-subclass 2.3.1 () >> Peptidase
EnzymologyBRENDA database
Pathways KEGG2-Oxocarboxylic acid metabolism
KEGGArginine and proline metabolism
KEGGBiosynthesis of amino acids
KEGGBiosynthesis of secondary metabolites